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If you've been seriously injured in an accident, the best way to ensure that you receive compensation for your loss is to hire an experienced accident attorney who has the knowledge and trial skill necessary to win your case. For more than 50 years, the New York accident attorneys of Subin Associates have been dedicated to providing exceptional personal injury representation for accident victims in New York City, including Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island. Through their skill, experience and dedication, they ensure you achieve maximum compensation for any kind of accident you have had.

Throughout our practice we have built a reputation for our advocacy on behalf of clients in New York. While past successes do not guarantee a future outcome, we have secured awards for clients in a wide range of personal injury cases, including:

  • A Brooklyn jury awarded $10.4 million to a 41-year-old man for back injuries in a car accident
  • $12.6 million was awarded by a Manhattan jury to a woman injured in a New York City bus accident
  • $1,050,000 was awarded for a Queens car accident where our client suffered from neck and back injuries
  • $1,750,000 was awarded for a motorcycle accident where our client had broken legs in New York

Car, Truck And Motorcycle Accidents

The car accident attorneys at Subin Associates are skilled in dealing with collision cases of all kinds, including those involving cars, trucks and motorcycles. Semi-trucks pose a unique danger on the roadway. Their large blind spots, extended stopping distance and high centers of gravity often cause collisions. Because of their low visibility, motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to accidents on the roadway.

accident attorney new york sanitized exhibitIn lawsuits involving truck accidents, an important piece of evidence for the accident lawyer is the trucking company's worklog. Many truck drivers violate hours-of-service regulations in an effort to meet deadlines. The work log can reveal this type of violation and help our attorneys prove liability.

Victims of motorcycle wrecks face an uphill battle. Insurers know that accident victims often accept a smaller settlement in their weakened state. At Subin Associates, our motorcycle accident attorneys are committed to helping injured motorcyclists get through the difficult time that follows a serious accident and win their case.

Construction Accidents

Each year thousands of construction workers are injured or killed in construction site accidents. At Subin Associates, our construction accident attorneys have the skill and knowledge to successfully win these cases. A construction worker involved in a work-related accident, in addition to a workers' compensation claim, may have a third-party lawsuit against the general contractor or owner of the construction site pursuant to Sections 200, 240 and 241(6) of the New York Labor Law.

At Subin Associates, we secured a $3 million award for an accident involving a New York construction worker. We also helped a New York man who fell off scaffolding and sustained an arm injury. He was awarded $2.8 million for accident.

Premises Accidents

In an urban environment like New York City, slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents can happen as a result of snow, ice, poor lighting and abrupt changes in flooring levels or potholes and cracks in the ground, resulting in severe accidents, injury and even death.

accident attorney new york, bronx, brooklyn, manhattan sanitized exhibitIf your accident occurs because of a negligent condition, you may be able to pursue a claim against the property owner or tenant to recover damages for your injuries. You can also sue for damages against a state, county, city or other public entity if your accident occurs on government-owned property such as a sidewalk or subway station.

Our attorneys have handled an impressive volume of premises liability claims and have the skill and experience to successfully secure compensation.

Example Of A Bus Accident Case

For example, in 2009, we secured a $1.7 million verdict for a client in New York County. Attorney Frank M. Melendez represented the client. Below are the facts and allegations from the case.

Facts/Allegations: On January 22, 2005, 36-year-old Lizzette Rivera, a single working mom, was being discharged from a New York City Transit Authority bus during a snowfall, near a bus stop at Amsterdam Avenue and 135th Street in New York City. Not until she was descending the bus did she realize she was being discharged a lane away from the bus stop. Not able to see what was under the snow, she stepped into a hole, causing her to trip down into the street. The fall caused her to sustain serious injuries.

Ms. Rivera sued the New York City Transit Authority, alleging that it was negligent in discharging her at an unsafe place and that the negligence created a dangerous condition for passengers.

The defendant New York City Transit Authority claimed that it was not negligent. It specifically claimed that if Ms. Rivera could not see a hole under the snow, it was not the authority's obligation to ensure her safety; if she could not see the hole, how could the bus driver. It also claimed that the injury was not severe or permanent.

Injuries/Damages: Right ankle trimalleolar fracture dislocation with destruction/disruption of the ankle mortise; fracture of the posterior malleolus; open reduction internal fixation of medial and lateral malleolus of trimalleolar fracture dislocation; fracture of the posterior malleolus; bone stripping; tissue stripping off bone with significant displacement; anterior to posterior screws; tubular plate along the lateral fibula; screws across the medial malleolus retrograde into the distal fibula; right ankle prominence and painful hardware post-fracture with posterior tibial tendonitis; lateral displacement of the distal fracture fragments; tendon tear; right ankle removal of deep hardware; right ankle repair and debridement of posterior tibial tendon; posterior tibial tendon longitudinal tear with partial thickness and chronic inflammation, synovial hypertrophy around tendon itself; subluxation of the talofibular joint with fracture of the medial malleolus, and lateral malleolus with involvement of the articular surface; synovial inflammation; lateral compression plate and multiple screws; joint effusion and anatomic alignment; posterior and plantar spurs; syndesmosis; sutures; scarring; tourniquet; swelling; deformity; tender over the anteromedial ankle with swelling; seven screws and plate on the outside fibula of the ankle; continued daily ankle pain; cortisone injection recommended; follow-up surgery, including ankle arthroscopy and removal of remaining screws; indefinite level of pain; development of severe arthritis.

At the time of trial, the operating orthopedic surgeon indicated that the injury to Ms. Rivera was permanent and with time her problems would in all likelihood get worse.

Result: A jury found that the New York City Transit Authority was liable for the accident, but Ms. Rivera was assigned a percentage of comparative fault. The jury deliberated and determined that the injury to Ms. Rivera totaled damages in the amount of $1.71 million.

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