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Have you been seriously injured in an accident? Do you need a first-rate Brooklyn accident attorney? Are you looking to get maximum compensation for your accident?

The Brooklyn accident attorneys at Subin Associates in New York City are committed to helping clients secure the compensation they need for their injuries. This includes compensation for medical expenses, lost income and damages for pain and suffering.

A Record Of Success In Brooklyn Courts

At Subin Associates, our Brooklyn accident attorneys have been providing personal injury representation for more than 50 years. While past success does not guarantee a future outcome, awards commanded by our attorneys in Brooklyn include:

  • Brooklyn jury awarded $10.4 million to a 41-year-old man for back injuries in a car accident
  • $2 million award for a Brooklyn motor vehicle accident with back injuries
  • $1.5 million award for a Brooklyn trip-and-fall accident with a back injury

Car, Truck And Motorcycle Accidents

The Brooklyn accident attorneys at Subin Associates are skilled in dealing with collision cases of all kinds in Brooklyn and across New York. This includes cases involving a pedestrian struck by an oncoming vehicle with serious injuries and a motor vehicle that enters an intersection against the light. Our Brooklyn accident attorneys can evaluate your claim and let you know what it is worth.

Brooklyn Accident AttorneyThe precise cause of an auto accident is not always immediately apparent. Sometimes it's the fault of one or both drivers, but other times it's the fault of the state or city organization responsible for keeping the roads safe, or the manufacturer of the vehicle or safety equipment. Only a trained and skilled Brooklyn accident attorney can accurately say who is responsible; the Brooklyn accident attorney has the experience to zero in on the negligence of the accident. At Subin Associates, our Brooklyn accident attorneys will evaluate your case and litigate any valid claims, until it either goes to trial or settles.

Construction Accidents

Construction is a fact of life in Brooklyn. There are always new building projects and renovations underway, from one end of the borough to the other. Each of these construction sites poses a serious risk to workers, visitors and passersby. At Subin Associates, our Brooklyn construction accident attorneys can help you secure compensation if you have suffered an injury on a construction site. We can advise you and help you determine if you have a claim against the owner, general contractor, equipment manufacturers or other individuals and businesses involved in the construction work.

Premises Accidents

Brooklyn Accident AttorneyIn Brooklyn and throughout New York City, slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall accidents happen due to the negligence of property owners. If a property owner fails to clear snow or ice, poorly lights an area or fails to fix other property issues, it can result in injury and even death.

We have handled all types of premises liability cases. For example, in 2009, we represented Ruth Williams in a case against the New York Transit Authority. Below are the facts and outcome of the case.

Facts/Allegations: On June 1, 2002, Ruth 49-year-old homemaker Williams was switching trains at the Nevins Street subway station. As she descended a staircase to an underpass, she tripped on a missing/broken floor tile, causing her to fall down the staircase. The fall caused her to sustain serious injuries.

Ms. Williams sued the New York City Transit Authority, alleging that it was negligent in maintaining the station and that the negligence created a dangerous condition.

The defendant New York City Transit Authority claimed that it was not negligent in the maintenance of the station. It specifically claimed that no dangerous condition existed at the time of the accident as it had been previously repaired. It also claimed that the injury was not severe or permanent.

Injuries/Damages: Open reduction internal fixation of right ankle bimalleolar fracture using an interfragmentary screw and tubular plate using multiple screws; multiple surgical scars; inability to ambulate; right-sided limp; deformity of right ankle; fractures of distal fibula and medial malleolus with posterior lateral subluxation, persistent pain and swelling of right ankle; stiffness and limited motion of right ankle; soft-tissue thickness about the ankle; palpable hardware; tenderness to the right ankle; post-traumatic changes in right ankle; traumatic arthritis and possible future surgical removal of hardware or ankle fusion.

At the time of trial, the operating orthopedic surgeon indicated that the injury to Ms. Williams was permanent and with time her problems would in all likelihood get worse.

Result: A jury found that the New York City Transit Authority was liable for the accident, but Ms. Williams was assigned a percentage of comparative fault. The jury deliberated and determined that the injury to Ms. Williams totaled damages in the amount of $1.635 million.

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