Brooklyn Car Accident Lawyer

The traffic laws that determine who is at fault in a Brooklyn car accident are numerous and complex. If you've been injured in a car accident, the best way to ensure that you receive compensation for your loss is to hire an experienced car accident lawyer with the knowledge and trial skill necessary to win your case. For more than 50 years, the Brooklyn car accident lawyers of Subin Associates have provided skilled and knowledgeable personal injury representation to their clients.

Reputation For Success in Brooklyn

While past success does not guarantee a future outcome, awards to the car accident lawyers of Subin Associates Brooklyn and their clients include:

  • A Brooklyn jury awarded $10.4 million to a 41-year-old man for back injuries from a car accident
  • Settlement of $7.7 million to a boy struck by school bus in Brooklyn
  • A Hasidic man who was hit by a police car in Brooklyn and sustained a shoulder fracture, brain injury and hearing loss was awarded $4.5 million

Here are some photographs and sanitized exhibits from our latest $6 million award against the MTA for a bus car accident in Brooklyn:Brooklyn Car Accident Lawyer

Negligence In Car Accidents

Negligence is one of the primary causes of automobile accidents. Our lawyers keenly understand that negligent acts mean that the driver causing the accident did not exercise reasonable care. Examples include driving too fast or too slowly for the conditions, allowing oneself to be distracted and carelessly ignoring traffic signals or conditions.

There are many areas in which negligence can occur, but the common thread is that negligence is a failure to be careful rather than an act intended to cause harm. An experienced Brooklyn car accident lawyer understands the legal implications of negligence and can expose it in a courtroom.

No-Fault Insurance

When involved in a motor vehicle accident, no-fault insurance benefits may be available to you. These cover your medical bills, compensate you for lost wages and other reasonable expenses incurred due to your accident. The Brooklyn car accident lawyers at Subin Associates will connect you to their no-fault department, which will process your no-fault claims and secure all your benefits.

Brooklyn Car Accident LawyerQuick Tips From Your Brooklyn Car Accident Lawyer:

1. After an accident, do not speak to anyone regarding your accident other than your attorney.

2. Do not make repairs to your vehicle if it is damaged in a car accident without first taking photographs of the damage.

3. Keep copies of all doctor, hospital, physical therapy and medical equipment bills relating to the accident. Provide your lawyer with the names, addresses and dates of all doctors, therapists and hospital visits.

Careful Case Preparation

If you've sustained a serious injury from a collision with a car, truck or motorcycle — in Brooklyn or beyond — you can feel confident that our skilled lawyers and staff will aggressively fight to ensure you receive maximum compensation for your injuries. Case preparation is crucial — this exhibit shows car accident injuries graphically portrayed yet simplified to make a strong case to a jury:

Brooklyn Car Accident Lawyer

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Contact our Brooklyn law firm online to discuss your car accident claim. We are available during regular business hours and by appointment evenings and weekends. You can reach us by phone at 877-265-4065. We take every personal injury case on a contingency basis, which means that you don't pay any attorney's fees unless we recover compensation for you.

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