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Drivers are responsible for watching for pedestrians on or near roadways. When they do not see pedestrians in their path, the result is often a catastrophic or fatal accident. While adults certainly are victims of pedestrian accidents, children are at increased risk because of their height and tendency to run into the street without looking.

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Pedestrian Accident Victims Need Legal Representation

Most pedestrian accidents occur because of a collision with a car or other vehicle. Common sites of these accidents include parking lots, alleys, sidewalks, driveways, intersections, crosswalks, school zones and playgrounds.

Drivers who are not paying attention to the road often fail to recognize pedestrians. Drunk drivers, distracted drivers and drivers who are speeding frequently miss traffic signs and traffic signals. They may also fail to notice crosswalks and driveways. We hold negligent drivers liable for their actions.

When a person is hit by a car, they have no protection against the vehicle's impact. Depending on the speed of the vehicle, the pedestrian's injuries can range from fractures and concussion to spinal cord injuries and severe traumatic brain injury, which can lead to permanent disability, coma or wrongful death.

The injury victim and his or her family will need compensation to pay medical bills and replace lost income. We diligently pursue pedestrian injury claims to ensure our clients receive adequate compensation to move forward with their lives.

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