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Attack Leaves Man With Partially Severed Ear

A man left with life-threatening injuries following a bar fight is fighting back – through a personal injury lawsuit against the bar.

During the attack, a beer glass that was smashed over the victim’s head severed part of his ear and caused a deep cut on his neck. The lawsuit alleges that the attack was completely unprovoked, and left the victim with “great pain,” blurred vision, scars and other injuries.

In the lawsuit, the injured victim alleges that the bar was negligent in failing to ensure the victim’s well-being. He also stated that the bar failed to provide adequate security, and that the bar did not properly train its employees on how to serve alcohol.

The focus of the lawsuit is that the bar, as a place of business, owes all of its patrons a certain level of care. The victim claims, that by being attacked by another patron, the bar failed in its duty by indirectly allowing the attack to occur; this could come through such things as failing to have bouncers or over-serving alcohol to an already intoxicated patron.

Another key to the lawsuit is that the victim alleges that the attack did not result from any of his actions. If the injured victim had been taunting or otherwise antagonizing the attacker, the bar could claim that the victim could reasonably foresee that injuries may result.

To be entitled to compensation in a personal injury lawsuit, your injuries do not need to be severe or life-threatening. Even minor injuries may allow you to recover for your pain and suffering. If you have been injured in some way by another individual or due to the policies and procedures at a place of business, speak with an experienced personal injury attorney about your situation.