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How to spot the signs of an aggressive driver

Road rage is a major problem in New York and may lead to serious accidents, injuries and deaths.

Motorists who must navigate the New York roadways on a daily basis may have experienced feelings of anxiety, anger and even rage at times. Road rage is not uncommon in the state or anywhere else across the country. According to AAA, nearly 80 percent of drivers in the United States admit to having anger while driving. Furthermore, men are three times more likely than women to act aggressively while driving. While this is somewhat normal, however, people who engage in reckless driving behaviors put the lives of others in imminent danger. More than half of all traffic deaths involve people who were displaying aggressive driving behaviors. In some cases, acts of physical violence may erupt due to road rage as well.

What to look for

People who become enraged while they are driving often display certain characteristics that other motorists should keep on the lookout for. These hazardous behaviors include the following:

· Speeding or racing other vehicles.

· Switching in and out of lanes quickly.

· Blocking other drivers from making lane changes.

· Tailgating.

· Erratic horn honking.

· Use of inappropriate gestures or yelling obscenities.

In addition to these behaviors, drivers who fail to yield to the right of way, disregard stop signs, run through red lights and fail to signal may also be considered aggressive drivers. People with road rage have been known to intentionally rear-end other vehicles or side swipe them in an attempt to get them to move out of the way. These very serious hazards can be life-threatening in some situations.

What to do

Law enforcement officers urge motorists to avoid confrontations with aggressive drivers. People should keep calm and refrain from making eye contact. Motorists should never return gestures or yell back with an aggressor. It is important to keep in mind that people who are experiencing road rage may not be thinking rationally, and may become physically violent if provoked. Drivers may want to alert law enforcement to the whereabouts of these dangerous drivers if they fear that they may be putting lives in danger. New York officers have stated that drivers can call 911 when they witness dangerous drivers.

Contact an attorney

If you are the victim of road rage, you may want to seek counsel from a New York attorney who handles these types of personal injury cases. People should be held liable for their actions, and you may be eligible for compensation for your property damage, injuries and emotional trauma. An attorney may be helpful in answering your questions and exploring your legal options.