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Latest NYC Crane Accident Reveals Gaps in Site Safety Inspections

The recent crane accident at the No. 7 subway line extension construction site in early April reveals the dangers of how failing to properly inspect construction equipment can lead to worksite injuries.

A preliminary investigation of the site by the Department of Buildings found defects in the hoisting system of the crane that killed one worker and injured four others this April. Further investigation will look into the crane’s operation and maintenance in the weeks prior to the fatal incident. In addition to the Department of Buildings, New York City police and the Manhattan district attorney’s office will conduct investigations to determine who is responsible for the accident.

On the day of the accident, the crane’s boom snapped into two pieces, one 40 feet and the other 80 feet long, and struck the victims. The crane had not been inspected since July of last year. It was scheduled for inspection in January, but was in use at the time and inspectors were not able to complete their checks, including a look at a cable that snapped in the crane accident.

Since an independent state authority-not the city-contracted out the worksite, the city’s construction safety rules did not apply to the site. Further investigation of the site will determine the complete cause of the accident and may reveal defects in both equipment and safety requirements.

In tragic construction accidents like this one, it is important that injured parties understand their rights to compensation for medical costs and other pain and suffering. Once investigations of the site are complete, injured parties will have a better understanding of what caused the accident and who is liable. A New York personal injury attorney can also help accident victims determine which parties may be liable for their injuries.

If the investigation finds that a defect in the crane is to blame, the families of those injured or killed may hold the crane’s manufacturer and owner accountable for its failure and the damage it caused. If the investigations find that the site contractor or owner failed to follow safety regulations or did not take reasonable action to keep the site safe for workers, injured parties may also hold contractors and site owners responsible.

If you or a loved one has been injured while working a construction job, please contact a Bronx personal injury attorney experienced in construction accident matters who can help you understand any compensation to which you may be entitled.