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Relatives of Killed New York Bicyclists Call for Increased Accountability

Relatives of killed cyclists and pedestrians argue that New York City’s recent attempts at protection from negligent drivers are not enough. The city recently provided both additional bicycle lanes and audible pedestrian signals to try and reduce the number of non-motorists injured in New York motor vehicle accidents, but the group calls for the police department to do more.The Gothamist reports bicyclists, pedestrians and relatives call for increased accountability among negligent drivers. Concerns voiced at a recent rally focused the lack of charges issued by the New York Police Department (NYPD) to vehicle drivers after striking bicyclists and pedestrians.

The report included some concerning facts:

  • Driver runs red light and strikes woman crossing intersection, woman killed
  • Driver of tractor trailer hits child crossing intersection, child killed
  • Driver strikes man walking in intersection and leaves the scene, man killed
  • NYPD traffic agent hits man crossing intersection, man killed

The startling detail these figures have in common: the police declined to issue the drivers with any charges. Even after tacking down the driver responsible for a hit and run that resulted in the death of a man crossing the intersection, no charges were filed.

In a time when distracted driving is leading to increased traffic accidents, pedestrians and bicyclists are understandably concerned. Victims and their relatives’ voice distress that the lack of action by the NYPD will thwart deterrence efforts.

If you or a loved one were recently injured by a vehicle while walking or cycling, it is important to contact a New York Personal Injury Attorney to discuss the legal remedies and rights that may be available.