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Manhattan Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Should I take a truck accident settlement?

Auto collisions involving semitrailers and other larger vehicles happen all too often in New York. When they do, it is common for trucking companies and/or their insurance providers to offer victims settlement agreements with some level of compensation. Should a truck accident victim take a settlement agreement?

Whether one takes a settlement offer is a very personal decision. Before accepting anything, one would be wise to seek legal counsel on the matter. The truth is, these settlement offers may sound great at first, but one needs to look at the finer details to ensure they are actually getting a good deal.

Suffer a car accident injury while visiting New York?

Maybe it was supposed to be the vacation of a lifetime, maybe you just came to the great state of New York to visit family, or maybe it was a last-minute get-a-way. No matter what brought you here, you did not expect to end up hurt after suffering a car accident injury. If negligence contributed to your injury, you may have legal recourse.

When you get hurt while on vacation, you go home and then have to figure out how you are going to go about seeking compensation for your losses. Handling a personal injury case from out of state is not an easy task. Thankfully, it is possible to receive help from in-state counsel, even if you cannot be here in person.

Cyclist injured in truck accident

A New York man was riding his bike in Midtown when he was hit by a private sanitation truck. This is far from the first time a private sanitation truck has been involved in such an incident. In fact, the New York City Police Department says these vehicles are often involved in serious or deadly collisions. The victim of this most recent truck accident may be entitled to seek compensation for his losses.

According to reports, on Oct. 29, a 43-year-old male was riding his bicycle on 5th Avenue, near 47th Street, at approximately 10 p.m. when he was hit by the sanitation truck. The victim was promptly transported to NY Presbyterian Hospital. He is said to have suffered critical injuries, though he was last reported to be in stable condition.

Hit by someone driving under the influence of drugs?

When you think about impaired driving, you think about people driving after drinking alcohol. Unfortunately, driving under the influence of drugs is also a big issue in New York. If you were struck by a person who was operating a vehicle while high on illegal or prescription drugs, you may have legal recourse.

People who operate vehicles while under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs experience impaired judgment and decreased motor skills. In other words, they have no business being behind the wheel of an automobile. However, many people choose to drive while high anyway. Why? Because they believe they are fine.

How dangerous is New York City for pedestrians?

New York City is famous for its vibrant and thriving metropolitan streets full of pedestrians rushing to their destinations. The darker side of this busy reality is that with so many vehicles and pedestrians converging, accidents are an inevitable result.

How dangerous are New York City streets for pedestrians? Is the fatality rate rising or falling? And what is the city doing to protect the safety of pedestrians, both visitors and residents? Following is some key information about pedestrian safety and injuries in New York City.

Danger from above: when the ceiling collapses

Subways are such a regular part of NYC life that you may not think of how hazardous they are, especially when in poor condition. Dangers you have probably heard of are train derailments, slips or trips on the stairs and falls onto the platform. While these may be more common, another danger you have to worry about is the ceiling collapsing.

In June, this happened at the Borough Hall station one afternoon. One area of the ceiling collapsed, raining down debris and causing a light fixture to hang loose. A large piece of plaster hit a woman waiting for the train, resulting in her suffering a concussion. The station's disrepair was no secret, but the extreme renovations of the road above have prevented making safety improvements down below. However, waiting any longer can result in further, more severe accidents.

84-year-old woman killed in pedestrian accident

Police in New York are investigating an accident that left an elderly woman dead. It is unclear if the driver responsible for this pedestrian accident will face any criminal charges. If they desire, the victim's surviving family members may be entitled to pursue legal actions in civil court in an effort to seek compensation for their losses.

According to reports, the 84-year-old victim was crossing East 79th Street and had one foot on the curb when the driver of an SUV attempted a left-hand turn, mounted the curb and struck the woman. She suffered critical injuries to her head and body. Emergency response declared her deceased at the scene after being unable to revive her.

Rental car employee charged for fatal car accident

An employee of Prestige Rentals is facing criminal charges for his role in a limo crash that claimed the lives of 20 people. This fatal car accident has been the subject of new reports since the day it occurred as it is considered the most deadly collision in the United States since 2009. Police in New York are still in the process of investigating this incident, but the evidence so far -- in the very least -- points to negligent actions on part of the rental company and the limo driver.

According to numerous reports, a group of young couples rented the limo as transportation for a birthday party. The limo driver is said to have run though a stop sign, hit a parked vehicle and struck two pedestrians. All individuals in the limo, including the driver, died, as did the pedestrians.

Could truck driver fatigue have been a factor in a tragic crash?

It is not uncommon for semi-truck drivers to travel New York roadways during the night to avoid traffic and to meet deadline demands. Unfortunately, long hours and night travel can result in truck driver fatigue. Fatigue can result in danger for truck drivers and any other motor vehicle operators on the road. The actions prior to a recent accident have not been determined, but a recent accident involving a tractor-trailer resulted in the death of another driver.

The tractor-trailer was traveling along the road early in the morning when the accident occurred. At some point, the tractor-trailer drifted and struck a guardrail. The impact of the collision resulted in the truck crashing and turning on its side.

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