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Drunk driver responsible for death of pedestrian

A man in New York recently lost his life when he was struck by a van while crossing the street. This event occurred the evening of Dec. 31, on East 125th Street. Authorities say the driver was impaired at the time of the accident. According to state laws, when a drunk driver causes another person to experience bodily harm or death, he or she may be held responsible for the victim's or their surviving family's losses.

According to reports, it was at approximately 5:50 p.m., when the victim was crossing the road and he was hit by a Safelite Auto Glass van. The force of impact threw him several feet down the street. Sadly, he died at the scene. It is unclear if investigators have identified the victim, as he was not carrying any form of ID.

7 Signs a driver may be intoxicated

No matter how often you drive on New York roadways, you likely never feel fully comfortable behind the wheel. That's because you know that there are so many unknown factors involved in determining whether you safely arrive at your travel destination.

Anything from weather to road construction can significantly delay or impede your arrival. On the other hand, if there is a drunk driver or distracted driver in your midst, it might not only cause you delays, it can also cause you serious injury if there is a collision. Knowing how to spot a possible drunk driver on the road may help you avert disaster.

2 killed, 1 injured in recent pedestrian accidents

In 2019, 219 pedestrians died in accidents in New York City. Unfortunately, as far as pedestrian safety goes, 2020 is not off to a good start. Just recently, two people died, and one person was injured in two separate pedestrian accidents occurring just hours apart.

According to reports, a mother was walking her son to school the morning of Jan. 7, when a sanitation truck exited a driveway and struck them. This occurred on 57th Avenue in Corona. Both victims were transported to an area hospital in critical condition. The child -- a 10-year-old boy -- late succumbed to his injuries. The driver responsible has been placed on modified duty pending an investigation, though it is unclear if any charges are pending against him.

The ignition interlock device is causing drivers to be distracted

When a person is convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol in the state of New York, he or she may be ordered to install an ignition interlock device on his or her vehicle. This device has to remain in his or her car until the courts say it can be removed. While the purpose of these machines is good -- they help keep drunk drivers off the road, according to a recently published article, they are not without their problems. It is believed that these devices are causing drivers who use them to be distracted, which causes them to collide with other vehicles, pedestrians or objects.

Ignition interlock devices are said to reduce repeat drunk driving offenses by 70%. A study out of the University of Pennsylvania claims that states that require the installation of these devices see 15% fewer DUI accident-related fatalities compared to states that do not require them. These devices definitely serve a valuable purpose.

Green construction is good for the environment, risky for workers

The construction industry employs numerous people in New York and across the country and has for decades. You may be one of the many people who work in this profession, and as the times have changed, you have likely seen new building materials and methods put into practice. Of course, you have likely seen your fair share of work-related accidents as well.

Though you hope to make it through every workday without an accident, they are common on construction sites. As new materials and building techniques are used to implement greener approaches to construction, you may see more accidents and injuries on a green construction site.

A hit-and-run driver is a negligent driver

Every year, in New York and across the country, thousands of people are hurt or killed by hit-and-run drivers. According to state laws, when a negligent driver causes a crash, he or she may be held accountable for any victim's losses. In hit-and-run cases, who victims or their surviving family members may seek relief from all depends on if the driver responsible for the event is ever found.

According to the AAA Foundation, on average, there are about 700,000 hit-and-run accidents across the nation a year. Of those, roughly 2,000 result in victim death. This means that hit-and-run collisions happen every 43 seconds -- approximately. This is a significant issue, one that deserves proper attention.

Many a fatal accident caused by men in big trucks or SUVs

A Vision Zero ad campaign is focusing on one thing that is believed to be contributing to the increase in fatal auto accidents happening in New York. Men in their big trucks or SUVs are said to cause more collisions than any other drivers. Why? Vehicle height and reckless driving are the main culprits. If negligence is behind a fatal accident, the victim's surviving family members may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses.

According to a recent article, it is believed that men caused three-quarters of all fatal crashes occurring in New York over the last few years. In roughly 41% of these events, the vehicles these men were driving were either large trucks or SUVs. The new ad campaign rolling out to curb these accidents is aimed directly at the individuals who drive these types of automobiles. The goal is to shame them into following the rules when driving.

Ladder safety tips could help you avoid serious injuries

If you work in construction, you probably spend at least some of your work time on a ladder. While you may have done it so many times that it doesn't faze you, the truth is that you could experience serious injuries if you fall off one.

Falls from heights represent one of the biggest dangers of your profession. Those falls don't always happen from roofs, scaffolding or ledges, though. Many of the falls experienced by construction workers are from ladders.

Multi-vehicle car accident leaves 7 people injured

Police in New York are investigating a crash that left several people injured. This multi-vehicle car accident occurred the evening of Dec. 7 at a busy intersection in Flatiron District. The wounded included vehicle occupants as well as pedestrians.

According to reports, three vehicles collided near the intersection of Park Avenue South and East 23rd Street at approximately 9 p.m. The cause of the collision is unknown. A video that accompanied a written report regarding this accident showed a sedan sandwiched between two other vehicles. It appears that one car hit the sedan head-on while the other hit its rear end. It is unclear where the pedestrians were when they were struck.

These two counties have the most DUI-related crashes every year

Auto collisions caused by impaired drivers occur all too frequently in the state of New York. According to a recently published article, two counties see the most DUI-related crashes every year: Kings and Suffolk counties. How bad is it in these areas and why?

Suffolk County ranks highest in the state for the number of alcohol- or drug-related collisions. In 2018, there were a total of 470 such accidents that resulted in injury or death in that area. Kings County ranks second highest with 405 DUI-related crashes that resulted in injury or fatality in the year 2018.

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