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Manhattan Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Cyclists and pedestrians in New York City remain at risk

The traffic here in New York City may have been light in recent months, but that doesn't mean that cyclists and pedestrians are not at risk for injury as they travel through the city on bicycles and their feet. Far too often, these vulnerable individuals become the victims of crashes involving motor vehicles.

While some victims survive these encounters, others do not. In 2019, the number of people who lost their lives in accidents with motor vehicles rose sharply and suddenly. Now, researchers are saying that those driving vehicles are to blame in the majority of these accidents, but few actually face criminal charges as a result. This means surviving victims and the families of those who died will need to turn to the civil courts for justice and other relief.

Phone use is not the only thing distracting drivers

When behind the wheel of a car, one would think that paying attention to the road and one's surroundings would be a top priority for all drivers. Unfortunately, it isn't. Distracted driving is a real issue in New York, particularly when it comes to people using their phones while operating their vehicles. However, phone use is not the only thing distracting drivers.

According to a recently released study completed by The Zebra, there are plenty of things pulling drivers' attention from the road. While phone use does remain the top distracted driving activity, others include nose-picking, kissing, eating, grooming and changing clothes. When it comes to the last two items, one if four study participants admitted to changing their clothes while driving, and one in seven say they have put on deodorant or makeup while behind the wheel. Some new things that people have admitted to doing while driving are shaving, reading, urinating and picking at acne. All of these may seem like minor things, but anything that takes one's eyes off the road, for even a few seconds, can have serious consequences.

Recent crash in Manhattan injures 2 pedestrians

On Sunday, June 21, police in New York responded to a car crash that left three people injured. Two vehicles were involved, as were two pedestrians -- who were both injured. Another person with an unknown connection to the collision was also hurt.

According to reports, at a little after 2 p.m., two vehicles collided at the intersection of East 53rd Street and 5th Avenue. Two pedestrians in the area were hit by the cars. They suffered unspecified injuries and were transported to an area hospital for treatment. Their current conditions are unknown. A third person was also taken to a medical facility for care, but it is unclear how he or she was involved in the event.

Motorcyclists need to remain vigilant when riding in the city

Being a motorcyclist in New York City can come with its pros and cons. Driving a motorcycle may allow you to take advantage of routes that are not as viable for larger vehicles, but it also means that you could end up in a dangerous situation while stuck in congested areas. Though traffic can put all drivers at risk of an accident, you likely know you face a higher chance of injury while on a motorcycle.

As a result, you want to remain a vigilant and safe motorcyclist. This means that you may need to brush up on your safety tips every now and then.

Injured by an overly aggressive truck driver?

Driving on New York City streets can be quite the experience. Roads are often extremely crowded and frustrating to maneuver, and as such, many drivers, particularly truck drivers, have adopted overly aggressive driving habits to deal with traffic conditions. What are the signs of an overly aggressive truck driver, and what can you do if you've been injured by one?

Aggressive driving comes in many forms. For truck drivers, it may come in the form of speeding, tailgating, dangerous passing or lane changes, and failing to adapt to weather-related adverse road conditions -- among others. Why do truck drivers do these things? They may be easily frustrated, impatient, on a tight schedule or overly confident in their vehicle's abilities.

How an open fracture could complicate a pedestrian's recovery

One of the most popular modes of transportation here in New York City is walking. In fact, one of the best ways to see this beautiful city is on foot. Unfortunately, walking also comes with a substantial amount of risk.

Since you do not have the protection of the cabin of a vehicle, your risk of injury if struck by a vehicle is staggering. Just as unnerving is the fact that your injuries will most likely be severe. For instance, you may not just break a bone in your leg but suffer an open fracture, which could easily put your life in jeopardy.

Pedestrian accident: Foot travelers at risk in New York

If you travel by foot on a New York roadway, you're obligated to adhere to pedestrian traffic laws and safety regulations. This might include using specially marked sections of road to navigate crosswalks or waiting for a pedestrian crossing signal to change before stepping into the road. Motorists, too, are obligated to adhere to traffic laws, of course, and are expected to be cautious and alert behind the wheel, particularly in areas where pedestrians are present. If a pedestrian accident occurs, a driver may be deemed financially responsible for damages if evidence shows that he or she was negligent.

City areas are typically high-traffic locations where there might be an increased risk for pedestrian injuries. Sadly, however, many pedestrian accidents are later determined to have been easily preventable were it not for driver negligence or recklessness behind the wheel. Such cases can be complex, and many involve additional parties besides a driver and an injured pedestrian when a collision occurred.

2 hurt in recent crash involving a drunk driver

Two of New York's finest ended up in the hospital this month when their patrol car was struck head-on. According to reports, the driver responsible for the collision was allegedly drunk at the time and is now facing various criminal charges. While workers' compensation is likely to cover many of the officers' expenses as they recover from their injuries, they may seek further compensation by filing personal injury claims in civil court. 

This particular event is said to have occurred the evening of Thursday, June 11. The driver of an SUV reportedly hit a parked car at Lexington Avenue and E. 21st Street, fled the scene and, while driving the wrong way down a one-way street, hit the front-end of a patrol car. Both police officers suffered injuries in the wreck and were transported to an area hospital for treatment. The extent of the injuries suffered by the victims are unknown, but both individuals were reported to be in stable condition when they left the scene of the accident. 

Fatal accident claims the life of yet another pedestrian

The New York Police Department and other emergency response personnel were recently called to the scene of an auto-pedestrian accident that left the victim with critical injuries. This event occurred on the Upper East Side the evening of Wednesday, June 10. Sadly, the victim ultimately died of his injuries. It is unclear if the driver will face charges for this fatal accident. 

According to reports, the victim -- a 29-year-old male -- was crossing Fifth Avenue at 97th Street when he was run down by the driver of a BMW. He was in the crosswalk when he was struck. First responders promptly arrived on scene and transported the injured individual to New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center. Unfortunately, despite the efforts of medical personnel, this young man succumbed to his injuries. 

Your fall arrest protection could put your life on the line

Construction workers in New York face an endless list of safety hazards. Falls from heights make up a significant percentage of construction site injuries. For that reason, fall-related safety training is crucial. If your job involves working at heights, make sure you are familiar with all the hazards of your job and learn how to mitigate them.

Know the correct way to use fall protection and ensure the anchor points are secure. Understanding the risk of suspension trauma can save your life.

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