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NHTSA urges parents to give teens 5 rules for driving

We all know that teenagers get a bad rap as drivers. The most obvious factor working against them is that they are inexperienced. While practice may make perfect in many situations, it only works if a driver is practicing correctly.

To help parents in New York and the rest of the country guide their teenage drivers to perfection, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has launched a campaign that provides five rules for parents to consider. The NHTSA says the rules could help prevent car accidents caused by teen drivers.

The 5 to Drive program suggests parents require five things from their teenagers in order for them to be allowed drive:

  • drive within the speed limit

  • no drinking and driving

  • no using a cellphone

  • buckle up

  • no extra passengers

While these rules all make sense — and it is clear that following them would encourage safe driving among teens — many Manhattan parents know that controlling their teen’s behavior is not always easy. If you catch your teen driver breaking the rules, the NHTSA suggests taking the keys away. Few things are less cool for a teen with a license than not being able to drive.

Many teenagers are capable of making smart decisions, but sometimes they just need a little guidance to tune out outside influencers. And because car accidents are the primary cause of death for teens ages 14 to 18, encouragement and a few rules could go a long way toward keeping everyone safe on the road and behind the wheel.

Source: WNDU.com, “NHTSA begins 5 to Drive program,” Oct. 22, 2013

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