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Pedestrian accident in Manhattan kills woman on her birthday

A fatal pedestrian accident is not how a family expects a loved one’s birthday to end. However, this is exactly what happened when a woman and her boyfriend went for an afternoon walk in the East Harlem area of Manhattan recently. The woman’s birthday came to an abrupt end when she became yet another pedestrian accident victim. She was struck by a vehicle while walking back to her apartment.

Police stated that a yellow cab had run a red light and was, in turn, struck by a white box truck. As a result of the collision, the truck ran up on the curb and restrained the pedestrian against a fence. Although paramedics attempted to save her, it was too late. Due to the cab driver not adhering to basic traffic regulations, a fatal pedestrian accident occurred.

Traffic lights are in place for a reason — obeying them saves lives. When such a negligent act results in a pedestrian fatality, the victim’s family also suffers. Instead of celebrating the birthday of a mother, friend and girlfriend, this family must now plan for her funeral.

The family of someone lost in a fatal pedestrian accident in Manhattan may decide to pursue a wrongful death claim against the person responsible for the accident. A successfully litigated claim could help with funeral expenses, lost income and other financial losses that result from such a tragedy. While financial reimbursement will not undo what happened, it will provide the victim’s family with a sense of justice along with the means to handle the expenses that result from a driver’s negligent act.

Source: New York News, East Harlem accident kills woman on birthday, Jennifer Matarse, Nov. 11, 2013

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