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Queens grandma dies in hit-and-run, alleged drunk driver arrested

A car accident often feel like a chance happening – a bad luck of the draw and at the very least, an inconvenience. Many drivers hit the roads every morning in New York and with any luck, get home safely by night. Unfortunately, on any given day, somebody will be made a victim as a result of a car accident.

One of those victims was a 59-year-old grandmother. On Friday, she was walking next to some parked cars in Queens on her way to a religious service when an alleged drunk driver hit her. Although she was taken to a nearby hospital, she didn’t survive her injuries.

Of course, it’s hard to consider drunk driving accidents as being ‘chance’ events, considering the driver likely made the choice to drink and then drive. What’s more, this accident was a hit-and-run – another negligent choice on the part of the driver.

Thankfully, a police officer was in the area at the time of the accident and saw the vehicle leave the scene. After notifying fellow officers, the driver was arrested. The 23-year-old male driver faces several charges related to the death, as well as a drunk driving charge.

Relatives of those who have been killed in a drunk driving crash often hope for justice, and this case is no different. The woman’s nephew says he hopes the man spends the rest of his life in jail. Accidents like this may also prompt relatives to use the civil court system to keep those who acted negligently accountable. Any compensation awarded could help a family cope with the loss of a loved one. In this case, it’s the loss of a Queens woman who was known to take care of everybody and who loved her grandkids dearly.

Source: NY Daily News, “Queens grandmother killed by a drunk hit-and-run driver,” Clare Trapasso and Barry Paddock, Sept. 14, 2013

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