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Fatal accident claims the lives of 4 Long Island teens

Another teen auto accident disaster occurred in Long Island on May 10. A car filled with teenagers crossed the center line of a roadway and went into an oncoming SUV. In the aftermath of the fatal accident, four of the five teens in the transgressing auto were killed. The two occupants of the SUV were injured and in serious condition. The teens were students at Farmingdale High School in New York.

The fatal car accident sent a shockwave of grief through the Long Island community. Family and friends went to the scene and placed flowers and memorials. The cause of the accident remains to be determined, but neighbors indicated that this part of Conklin Street is the location of a curve that has hosted many accidents. It has a 40 mph speed limit that few drivers obey, according to residents.

When an auto suddenly veers out of control and crosses the center line into oncoming traffic, the driver is likely liable for damages to those injured and to the families of those killed. In this case, it initially appears that the driver may have been operating the car too fast for conditions. The authorities have yet to issue a report. Whether or not alcohol played a role is not indicated in early news reports.

Frequently in this kind of multi-victim accident the driver’s insurance is inadequate. Just for that reason, motorists are sold underinsurance coverage on their own vehicles. This is additional insurance to turn to when necessary. Counsel will also determine whether drinking occurred at any homes prior to the event it could indicate social host liability by parents who allowed drinking or looked the other way.

In this fatal accident, because of the magnitude of the tragedy, it may be that some parents may want to pursue the possibility of suing the municipality or the state of New York for inadequate controls and warnings at a dangerous roadway location. According to neighbors, accidents occur at the same curve regularly. That’s not to say that such a claim is easily facilitated. It is a challenging project with many legal obstacles, whose outcome will not be certain.

Source: CBS New York, “Police: Four Killed In Early-Morning Farmingdale Crash“, , May 10, 2014

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