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Pedestrian injury problems aired for Lincoln Center area

The new mayor’s aggressive plan for improving traffic safety in New York City is moving forward. A major intersection in the Lincoln Center area of New York City is attracting numerous calls for re-designing the maze of intersecting streets so that pedestrians and bicyclists may be more secure in accessing the area. In past years, there have been numerous cases of pedestrian injury in the area.

The Department of Transportation for the city has come up with a proposal for improving the safety of the intersections for pedestrians and bike riders. However, supporters of the plan have begun to contact their network with the news that the Lincoln Center and nearby shops may not support the proposal. The email notifications have asked supporters to register their approval due and to get involved in supporting the plan.

The proposal will deal with introducing safety measures between 62nd and 66th Streets, at intersections with Broadway, Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues. In that area, numerous streets crisscross at random angles, making directional controls difficult to manage. It’s unclear why business interests in the area may be opposed to new safety measures for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Recently, a woman was struck by a truck while crossing properly at 65th and Broadway. The woman had been walking her child to school. She was left lying on the street by the driver, who sped away.

In New York, when a pedestrian injury occurs due to a negligent vehicle operator, the injured person may make a claim against the driver. If the driver absconds, in some cases the injured person may have coverage under one of his or her own liability policies of insurance. When issues of coverage arise from a traffic injury, it’s highly beneficial for the injured person or the family to consult as expeditiously as possible with a traffic injury attorney to make sure that all rights are protected and understood.

Source: examiner.com, “NYC eyes safety improvements at busy Lincoln Center intersection – New York Cycling“, Grace Lichtenstein, Dec. 8, 2014

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