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Police, MADD join in red ribbon drive against drunk driving

The Fatality Analysis Reporting System reports that 30 percent of all traffic fatalities in 2013 were due to drunk driving causes. The New York State Police have joined hands with Mothers Against Drunk Driving to wage a red ribbon campaign in the state this holiday season. The ribbons are being given out to remind people about the ominous hazards of drunk driving, particularly over the party-filled holidays.

Thousands of ribbons are being distributed on the state’s highway systems this week. In a sense, the purpose is the same year after year. During holidays and non-holidays as well, the purpose of these campaigns is to get people to be aware of and to keep in mind the high risks that they take by drinking and driving. The consequences are solemn and heart rending to the members of MADD, many of whom lost a child or other family to drunk driving events.

The specter of prosecuting the drunk driver involved does not really do much to relieve them of their sense of loss for a loved one. Financial compensation is available in many of these situations through automobile insurance, but again the personal loss cannot be restored by money. It is the law’s way of making the situation “whole” again but of course that can never happen if the victim died in the accident.

In any event, there is the need for bills to be paid, expenses to be satisfied, and life to continue on in the aftermath of drunk driving travesties. Legal professionals with experience in personal injury and traffic accident cases in New York and other states are well-equipped to assist one who is injured from an accident involving a drunk driver. Where the innocent victim has died, the law firm has the experience to help the family achieve some sense of justice. In the meantime, drivers may keep the awareness of safety closer to mind by donning the red ribbons on their vehicles this season.

Source: uncovermichigan.com, “New York Police joins hands with MADD to spread awareness against drunk driving”, Steve Allman, Dec. 27, 2014

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