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Car jumps onto sidewalk, pedestrian accident injures woman

Pedestrian accidents continue to occur in the Lower Manhattan section of New York City, with a recent danger being reported by an elementary school where several accidents at its Beekman Street location. On April 11 at about 8 a.m., a pedestrian accident occurred when a car jumped onto the sidewalk, scattering parents and children on their way to the school. A woman was hit by the car and taken to the neighboring Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital in what was described as stable condition.

The accident was preceded by other incidents, particularly one about three years ago when an SUV jumped the sidewalk onto Beekman Street and killed a UPS worker. That led to the eventual placement of a traffic light at Beekman and William Streets. New traffic flow markings were also applied to the road. Parents and teachers are now demanding a crossing guard be assigned, and that illegal truck parking on the street be stopped.

The situation illustrates the problem in many Lower Manhattan neighborhoods where commercial outlets and new construction are mixed in with schools or residential properties. The streets become clogged with double-parked trucks picking up or delivering, and with construction obstacles, including construction vehicles coming in and out of the building site. The trucks create blind spots for travelers and obstruct sidewalk sections that pedestrians would normally use.

The New York police have promised to crack down on the truck drivers, and the Department of Transportation has agreed to put in another traffic light at the corner of Beekman and Nassau Streets by this May. Pedestrians who are seriously injured in a pedestrian accident may be entitled to collect damages for their injuries, or in the case of death, the decedent’s family may be able to make a claim. The collection of personal injury damages are dependent on whether the driver was negligent in operating his or her vehicle. Claims may also potentially be made against the city and the truck delivery companies that obstruct the street illegally.

Source: dnainfo.com, “Downtown School Calls for Crossing Guard After Another Person Hit by Car“, Irene Plagianos, April 17, 2015

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