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Impaired driving leads to numerous injuries and fatalities

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, someone is killed by a drunk driver every 53 minutes. Every two minutes someone is injured because of the same. This means that, unfortunately, thousands of individuals and families in New York and elsewhere are negatively affected by impaired driving every single year.

It is believed that one-third of all traffic fatalities can be attributed to impaired driving. Many of them caused by repeat offenders. Those who are found to be driving under the influence of alcohol do tend to lose their driving privileges for a set period of time — some permanently; however, many of them — approximately 50 to 75 percent — continue to drive anyway.

Numerous states are looking for ways to end drunk driving. Some utilize ignition interlock devices to help cut down on the number of repeat offenders. Others have increased police patrols and sobriety checkpoints in order to catch impaired drivers before accidents occur. Unfortunately, despite increased efforts, far too many people are still injured or killed by drunk drivers.

Those in New York who have lost loved ones or who have been injured in accidents resulting from impaired driving may seek compensation for their losses through legal means. This means that they can file civil claims — such as personal injury or wrongful death actions — against the drivers or other individuals who may be deemed responsible. An experienced attorney can assist in filing and litigating the appropriate claims in court. In cases that are successfully managed, victims or their loved one’s may be granted monetary judgments for any and all non-economic and economic damages that are deemed recoverable.

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