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Common questions and concerns after a car accident

When one is involved in an auto collision, it is normal to have questions following the event. This week, this column will address some common questions and concerns one might have after a car accident occurs. These apply to those residing in New York or elsewhere.

One of the first things that comes to mind following a car crash is liability. Who is at fault? In some cases this is pretty easy to determine, but not in others. Even if one driver is found at fault, the victim may also be blamed for contributing to his or her injuries in some way — such as by not wearing a seat belt. With the assistance of legal counsel, an individual who has been injured in an auto accident may be able to seek to recover any damages sustained, even one thinks that he or she may have been partly at fault.

Another concern following an automobile accident involves injury severity. The severity of certain injuries is not always immediately apparent. In such cases, it is common for victims to refuse medical treatment immediately following collisions; however, as days or weeks go by, symptoms may appear that really do warrant medical attention. Seeking treatment at the onset of symptoms is advisable. In doing so, injuries can be properly documented so that compensation can be sought.

Finally, some may wonder if — in seeking to recoup any losses suffered in car accidents — going to court is necessary. After going through a traumatic event, one of the last things anyone wants to do is go to court. Thankfully, it is not required in all personal injury cases. It may be possible to obtain a settlement through out-of-court negotiations.

These are just a few of what is often a long list of questions and concerns that one might following a car accident. Victims of auto collisions in New York or elsewhere can seek the advice of legal counsel to not only answer or address any questions or concerns, but also to determine if one may be entitled to seek compensation for any losses sustained. If there are grounds to pursue a civil claim, one’s attorney can then take the appropriate steps to get the process started.

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