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New York pedestrian accident: Woman hit by bus suffers leg injury

There are some areas in New York with high levels of pedestrian traffic. The city knows this and has identified certain streets that need work in order to make them more pedestrian friendly. In one of these aptly called “Vision Zero” spots, one woman was recently injured when she was struck by a city bus. This pedestrian accident left her with a devastating leg injury.

According to a recent report, the 43-year-old woman was walking with her child in Queens when the accident occurred. The victim was pushing her 3-year-old daughter in a stroller across 46th Avenue when the bus made a right hand turn and struck the woman, pinning her leg underneath one of its front wheels. She was transported to the hospital in critical condition. Thankfully, the bus missed the stroller and the child was unharmed in the incident.

Police are still in the process of investigating this collision. It happens to be one of three pedestrian accidents to have occurred the morning of Nov. 14, in Queens. At this time, charges are not expected against the bus driver.

When a pedestrian accident happens, there is always a question of liability. In this case, the city was aware of the visibility issue at this particular corner and apparently failed to make any corrections. As such, the victim may be able to pursue legal claims against the bus driver, his employer and the city in an effort to seek compensation for her losses. If litigation proves successful, a New York civil court may grant a monetary judgment for any recoverable damages.

Source: New York Daily News, “City bus strikes woman pushing stroller in Queens“, Ryan Sit, Dan Rivoli and Thomas Tracy, Nov. 16, 2016

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