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Pedestrian injury victim may claim damages from reckless driver

Some antics of drivers in New York City may strike some observers as comedic displays by eccentric personalities. But the antics of a reckless driver in Manhattan are nothing to be proud about. Indeed, the 27-year-old driver who went on a driving rampage through the city recently is now facing assault and attempted robbery charges. He may expect to be confronted by personal injury claims from those who suffered pedestrian injury from his seemingly wanton and destructive actions.

The man was arrested after he hit pedestrians, tried to steal a taxi and assaulted a cop, according to police. He went on this inexplicable ride of destruction at about the noon hour on Dec. 24. He reportedly struck at least three pedestrians and a number of other cars. At one point, he abandoned the car and tried to carjack a taxi.

While attempting the carjack, he assaulted a traffic enforcement officer and later struggled against about six officers trying to take him into custody. The man was taken to a psychiatric hospital for examination. He will have to face the serious criminal charges, which may be increased by additional charges.

The victims of a reckless driver are entitled to claim damages from the driver, who will hopefully be found to have automobile liability insurance for himself. In some instances, more than one defendant may be identified as having liability for the victim’s damages. In such situations, the safest way to get accurate information on how much liability insurance and other possible coverage is available from an accident involving pedestrian injury is to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney. When the accident occurs in the City, an attorney practicing in New York City may have a greater knowledge of the local procedures and laws that may assist the victim in collecting damages.

Source: gothamist.com, “Driver Arrested After Allegedly Striking Pedestrians, Trying To Carjack Taxi, Punching Traffic Cop On UES“, Ben Yakas, Dec. 25, 2015

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