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4 injured in New York pedestrian accident

Four people, including the driver believed responsible for the incident, were recently injured in a crash in New York. This pedestrian accident reportedly occurred in the Uniondale area of Long Island during the afternoon of Feb. 2. Police are in the process of investigating the matter.

According to a local news report, an 82-year-old woman was operating her vehicle in a Walmart parking lot near Jerusalem Avenue when, for unknown reasons, she lost control of her car. This caused the vehicle to mount a curb, crash through a fence, hit three pedestrian and then hit a utility pole. The driver was injured as a result of this incident. She was transported to an area hospital with broken ribs and injuries to her face.

The identities of the victims have not been reported. They are said to be women, ages 58, 37 and 42. The 58-year-old suffered serious head injuries. Her current condition is unknown. The other two were transported to the hospital in stable condition, having suffered leg injuries.

At this time, authorities do not believe that this pedestrian accident is a criminal matter. However, they are still reviewing the incident. Criminal or not, the victims may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses through filing civil claims in court. Successfully litigated personal injury claims can result in compensation being awarded for any and all damages that are legally recoverable in accordance with the laws of New York. Examples of recoverable losses include medical expenses, lost wages or loss of earning capacity and pain and suffering — among numerous others.

Source: newsday.com, “Driver, 82, hits 3 people at Uniondale bus stop, police say“, Ellen Yan, Feb. 3, 2017

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