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New York fatal accident case: Cyclist dies 10 days after crash

Collisions between automobiles and bicyclists are fairly common in some areas of New York. Bike lanes have been installed in various areas of the city to help prevent such incidents. Sadly, even when cyclists are doing the right thing by using these lanes, bad things can happen. A recent injury turned fatal accident case is proof of this.

In the evening of May 4, a 74-year-old woman was riding her bicycle in a bike lane in the Flatiron District. A cab pulled over in front of her and stopped in the bike lane to let out a passenger. When the passenger opened the door the cyclist, who had no time to stop, struck the door and was thrown from her bike. She landed in front of another car, though it is unclear if that car hit her.

The cyclist was transported to an area hospital for treatment. Sadly, after 10 days in the medical facility she succumbed to her injuries. The driver of the cab was initially cited for letting out a passenger in a bicycle lane. It is unknown if any further criminal actions will be filed against this individual.

When an injury case turns into a fatal accident case, the victim’s loved ones will be left to deal with a lot that can be devastating in various ways. According to the laws of New York, the family members of this particular victim may have legal recourse. Not only may they have the ability to seek damages by filing a wrongful death suit against the party or parties deemed responsible for the victim’s death, but they may also file survival actions to seek compensation for the pain, suffering and economic losses the victim suffered in the days before her death. An experienced attorney can help this family seek the maximum amount of compensation allowed under the law by filing and litigating these and any other applicable claims in civil court.

Source: New York Daily News, “Cyclist hit with cab door in NYC dies 10 days after accident“, Graham Rayman, May 18, 2017

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