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New York pedestrian accident Q and A

It seems like every day there are news reports of pedestrians being struck by automobiles. Anyone in New York or elsewhere who has been hit and injured by a vehicle while out walking is bound to have various questions and wonder what they should do after the fact. This column will address some common questions that some may have if they want to pursue compensation for their losses following a pedestrian accident.

Question number one on the list is: What should one do immediately following a pedestrian accident? Taking care of oneself and seeking medical treatment is the most important thing one can do following this type of accident. After receiving care and when one is on the mend, it is important to document everything he or she remembers from the incident. It is also wise to keep track of one’s injuries and other damages.

Question number two is: What losses are recoverable? In the state of New York, injured pedestrians may be able to seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering — among various other economic and non-economic damages. It will all depend on the specifics of one’s case.

The third and final question that will be discussed is: How long does one have to file a personal injury claim? Statutes of limitations apply in these cases, meaning that one will only have a certain amount of time to file a civil claim if he or she wishes to seek compensation. In New York, one has three years from the date the injury occurred in order to file a lawsuit.

A pedestrian accident can and usually does have severe physical, financial and psychological effects on the victim. According to the state of New York, compensation for such damages may be sought if negligence contributed to the event. A personal injury attorney can assist victims of pedestrian accidents in seeking maximum relief by filing and litigating the appropriate legal claims in civil court.

Source: FindLaw, “Pedestrian Accidents FAQ“, Accessed on April 5, 2017

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