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Stay safe when walking around construction zones

Construction zones are part of the everyday landscape for many people in New York City. Some of these projects are public and result in museums, libraries, senior centers and much more that enhance life every day for countless people. Private construction projects such as condo buildings are also essential. However, construction zones can pose a danger to pedestrians. After all, there is a reason that construction workers are more at risk for injury than other workers; construction zones are inherently dangerous.

So, here is a look at how you can stay safe when walking around them.

Pay attention to signs

There should be signs warning you about construction hazards and informing you of detours. Follow these signs to the best of your ability. If you cannot walk on a designated sidewalk, face traffic when you walk. Cross at intersections or corners when feasible. Always look in all directions before crossing, and do not try to breach fences or areas not open to the public.

Avoid distractions

Try to stay off your cellphone and avoid other distractions when you walk near a construction zone. For one thing, there may not be enough signs, and it is a good idea to be aware of potential dangers such as holes, a dump truck pulling out in front of you or falling objects. For example, in New Jersey, a tape measure falling 50 stories killed a man. If you are passing near the zone while listening to music via headphones, take at least one earbud or headphone out.

Find a new route

No doubt, it is frustrating when an ongoing construction project interferes with your walk to work or to the coffee shop. However, dealing with it every day might be more of a headache than devising a new route to your destination. This is particularly true on days that have bad weather. For instance, a windy day could lead to the wind blowing falling objects farther than they would ordinarily go, and foggy or rainy weather hinders visibility.

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