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Trains and subways may be as accident prone as automobiles

Despite complaints about delays and other inconveniences, many New York residents enjoy the ability to travel or commute to work via mass transit. Riders need not be responsible for operating their vehicles on the crowded roadways with other drivers.

They may even be able to relax with the newspaper as they sit on the train heading to their destination. However, as new events occur, it is clear that riding the train or subway may not always be a relaxing or even safe experience.

Mass transit has risk of derailment

There is not 100-percent safety to passengers on a train or subway any more than there is for passengers in automobiles on the nearby highways. As reported by The New York Times, at least 34 people suffered injuries in a recent subway derailment. Many are blaming the accident on the antiquated infrastructure of the mass transit system in New York.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority reportedly transports over a million riders each day. It indicated that early investigation pointed to a replacement rail that had improperly remained on the tracks to be the cause of the accident. In an earlier accident in Brooklyn which also caused injury, parts of a crumbling wall had fallen onto the tracks, leading to the derailment.

Track platforms cause slip-and-fall injuries

In addition to derailments, New York mass transit accidents may occur because of faulty platforms that need repair. Unrepaired platforms where riders will stand, walk and wait for trains or subways can result in slip-and-fall injuries. Even more serious is the risk of people tripping and falling onto the tracks and in front of an approaching train or subway.

According to the results of a Freedom of Information Law request, since about 2011, there have been over 4,500 NYC Transit cases settled or otherwise adjudicated. The gross amount monetarily was over $400 million. Almost 90 lawsuits have ended with a payout of at least $1 million each.

If you have been injured in a subway or train accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact a personal injury attorney to learn more about your legal options.

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