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Whiplash is often experienced following a rear-end car accident

In New York and elsewhere, auto collisions are a daily occurrence. Many of them have minor outcomes, but even in such cases injuries can still happen. For example, whiplash is often experienced following a rear-end car accident. It does not take a whole lot of force for this type of injury to occur.

Whiplash, which may also be referred to as a neck sprain, is probably the most common injury suffered in a rear-end auto crash. This injury occurs when one’s neck is forced in a swift and sudden forward then backward movement. This can cause neck tissues to overstretch and tear. When this happens, a person may experience a number of issues including:

  • Headaches

  • Dizziness

  • Back, neck, shoulder pain

  • Muscle spasms

  • Nerve damage

For many people, the severity of their whiplash injuries may not be immediately known. It can actually take days or even weeks for symptoms to appear. For this reason, numerous individuals forgo seeking medical treatment right away. If the above mentioned or any other symptoms do become present, however, it is suggested that one seek medical care as soon as possible.

If one believes he or she has suffered a whiplash injury, a health care provider will first have to diagnose the injury before a treatment plan can be created and put into action. In order to make such a diagnosis, a doctor may order an X-ray, MRI and/or CT scan so as to get a better look at the neck and spine. If an issue is noted, depending on its severity, treatment will be immediately ordered. Common treatments include:

  • Neck stabilization

  • Pain medication

  • Surgery

Even minor cases of whiplash can cause one to experience chronic pain which can have a significant impact on his or her daily life. If one is a victim of a rear-end car accident and whiplash or other injuries do result, he or she may have legal recourse. An experienced personal injury attorney can review one’s case and, if appropriate, file and litigate any applicable legal actions against the individual believed responsible for one’s injuries in a New York civil court.

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