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In a road rage-related car accident?

Road rage, it is a real problem in New York and across the country. It is common to hear of auto accidents stemming from road rage incidents. Those who are victims of such a car accident may be entitled to compensation for any monetary damages sustained.

A lot about driving can cause people to feel frustrated. Some take that frustration to an extreme, though. When in a rush or angry about being cut off or when experiencing something that makes them angry when behind the wheel, people speed, tailgate and make illegal maneuvers. Many of them swear and scream and only focus on the individual who they feel slighted them in some way. Sadly, this aggressive behavior threatens the safety of others in or near the roadway.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, roughly 94 percent of all car accidents are the result of human error. At least one-third of all accidents are the result of road rage. Two-thirds of fatal accidents are said to be the result of road rage. This is a big issue, one that causes thousands of injuries and deaths every single year.

When a car accident occurs because of road rage, the victim may have legal recourse. Personal injury, wrongful death or any other applicable civil claims may be filed in a New York civil court. If it is possible to establish negligence against the driver deemed responsible, monetary compensation may be awarded. Such compensation may come from settlement negotiations or it may come as the result of successfully litigating the case in court.

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