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3 apps to help you keep your eyes on the road

Distracted driving, most often a result of drivers looking at their smartphones, is a leading cause of traffic collisions on New York roadways. When you operate an automobile, your eyes need to remain on the road at all times. Unfortunately, far too many people do not see the harm in responding to a text really quick. It only takes a few seconds for an accident to occur.

One recent incident happened in February when a trucker tried to online shop while behind the wheel, and it resulted in the death of a woman. If you have problems keeping your phone in your pocket, then here are some apps to consider downloading so that you can become a safer driver.

1. TextNoMore

TextNoMore stands apart from other apps because it rewards users for safe driving. The app has partnered with many retailers and offers coupons if you do not look at your phone while the vehicle is in motion. You simply need to turn it on before you start driving. For each text you receive without responding to while driving, you receive points. Those points add up to some great deals.

2. Drive First

This app is available from Sprint, and it completely locks down your phone while driving. It does allow you to choose up to three apps to remain active, so you can still use Google Maps to find your destination while it is in effect, or you can have your music app open to listen to your favorite songs.

3. Cellcontrol

This is a useful app for parents to implement in their teen’s car. It is a subscription service, and parents will need an extra device to go under the dashboard for it. The app blocks all incoming calls and texts. The best part is that if your teen disables the app or the device, you receive an instant alert. That way you can be confident your teenager remains safe while on the road.

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