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3 car accident injuries with delayed symptoms

With so many people in a condensed area, car accidents are standard in New York. But, if you’re involved in one of these accidents, the shock of it could blind you from an injury you received.

In fact, here are three very common injuries that may have delayed symptoms after a crash.

1. Whiplash and traumatic brain injuries

Whiplash is common in most car accidents, including ones at low speeds. When a person’s neck whips back and forth, ultimately hitting the headrest, it can result in damage to the brain. It may not be until months later the person realizes he or she is more forgetful than usual or is prone to mood swings. Concussions are dangerous, and they require immediate treatment to prevent the most common symptoms.

2. Herniated discs

In addition to damaging the brain, whiplash can also tear the tissue located between vertebrae. Occasionally, this tissue ruptures out of place or balloons. A herniated disc will further inflame the tissue and put extreme pressure on the spine. Without treatment, this condition can result in partial or total loss of control in the legs and arms.

3. Psychological trauma

Seeing a doctor is essential for more than just your physical health. It is also crucial for your mental health. It is not unheard of for people to develop PTSD symptoms following a car accident. This condition can worsen to the point where the individual is unable to step foot in a car. Receiving a psychological evaluation can help a person avoid developing a phobia.

Prevent delayed injuries from worsening

Many people forego seeing a doctor because they feel fine. The rush of adrenaline can hide pain and discomfort. However, injuries are often realized up to a week later.

You always need to see a doctor following a car crash. Waiting could result in a worsened condition and compromise your auto accident claim. If you have suffered serious injuries, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you to navigate the claims process.

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