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5 things never to do after a car accident

New York has been incredibly proactive at reducing the number of traffic-related fatalities. The number of deaths as a result of a car accident has decreased over the last couple of years. However, the number of pedestrian deaths has gone up.

If you ever find yourself involved in a traffic collision, the last thing you want to do is flee the scene before the police have arrived. Someone could easily jot down your license plate number, or there could be a camera in the vicinity. There are a number of other actions to avoid at all costs following an incident.

1. Clean up

You should move your car out of the road if you are able to. However, you should not attempt to clean up any debris. Wait for the police or for a city cleanup crew to take care of that. The other driver may think you want to alter or get rid of evidence.

2. Admit fault

You need to check in with the people in the other car to ensure everyone is all right, but you never want to say anything that could imply guilt. Even saying, “I’m sorry” could lead to misinterpretations.

3. Deny injuries

A bruise may not seem like much, but you should still have a doctor look at it. If the other party asks if you are all right, be careful about what you say. The only thing you really need to say is that you need to see a doctor right away.

4. Take money

If the other driver was clearly at fault, then he or she may offer you some money to not involve the police. Accepting this money now only complicates things later. After all, you never know the extent of the damage until you have a mechanic inspect your vehicle.

5. Speak to an insurance adjuster

You should contact your own insurance agency to report the accident, but do not talk to any other insurance representative. Get a lawyer involved before offering a statement. Insurance adjusters will use innocuous statements as justification to avoid a larger payout.

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