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Common construction site injuries in New York

New York City is famous for its high-rise buildings and architecture, and construction is one of the city’s leading industries. Construction workers make up a large portion of the workforce in the city, and their work is hazardous. Construction workers are at risk for a wide range of on-the-job injuries that can lead to serious personal injury.

Knowing the risks of injury and taking the proper precautions is the best way to avoid injury on a construction job site. However, accidents do happen, and injuries are sometimes the unfortunate result. Here is some more information about common construction site injuries in New York and what to do if you suffer one.

1. Equipment-related injuries

Construction workers use heavy equipment in their jobs, ranging from construction vehicles and machinery to various professional tools and electrical devices. All of this equipment is subject to failure or malfunctioning that can result in a serious injury. Typical injuries resulting from equipment include electrocutions, forklift accidents, crane accidents or even ladder injuries. Sometimes, the manufacturer is at fault for these injuries, and sometimes, there is negligence on the part of a job site supervisor or the person operating the equipment.

2. Falling from heights

Construction workers often must work from heights, especially in a large metropolis like New York City with high-rise buildings. There is a consensus among legislators and unions that construction safety must become a priority. However, agreement about certain features of how to implement this – such as a proposed bill that would require safety training for construction workers who operate at heights of more than three stories – is not always forthcoming.

3. Falling debris

Construction sites are full of debris that can fall from heights and injure people below. If a catch platform is not properly installed, falling debris can cause serious injuries. This type of injury can affect both construction workers as well as the public if the job site is in an area where pedestrians travel.

In any type of construction site injury, it is important to consult as soon as possible after the accident with a qualified personal injury attorney who has experience working with construction site accident victims. An attorney will often offer a free consultation and work on a contingency basis so the victim does not need to pay any out-of-pocket costs for legal assistance as the case proceeds through the court system.

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