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Driver backs into fast-food restaurant, causes pedestrian injury

New York City is somewhat reminiscent of a war-zone when it comes to the safety of pedestrians. Pedestrian injury numbers in the city are high. Pedestrians are often injured and killed even when crossing securely within the borders of a marked crosswalk. Many drivers, looking out for other vehicles, forget to keep their lookout ahead for pedestrians. This also often happens while making turns or maneuvering for parking along the city sidewalks.

An unusual pedestrian injury occurred recently in the late afternoon of Tuesday, March 27, in the Bronx at a Parkchester fast food restaurant. A woman was attempting to execute a parallel park of her vehicle when she reportedly lost control in reverse and crashed into an SUV. It is unknown if the SUV was parked or being operated at the time.

While crashing into the SUV, the driver also struck a pedestrian. At the same time, she continued in reverse and crashed into the combination Burger King/Popeye’s restaurant. The pedestrian was trapped under the car for about a half hour prior to being extricated. She was taken to the hospital in stable condition with undisclosed injuries.

The driver is liable to the pedestrian for personal injury damages suffered in this incident. It is usually always negligence when a driver loses control of the vehicle, whether it be by distraction or inattention to the gear shift or gas pedal. Once the car goes out-of-control, the negligent driver is liable to compensate all victims struck by the car during the following moments. In this pedestrian injury, the injured victim will be well served by consulting with an attorney that is experienced in obtaining recoveries pertaining to personal injury claims in the boroughs of New York City.

Source: bronx.news12.com, “2 hurt when car backs into Parkchester fast-food restaurant“, March 27, 2018

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