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Drunk driver responsible for sending 3 people to the hospital

Some individuals driving on the Long Island Expressway the evening of Tuesday, July 10 had the unfortunate opportunity of witnessing and personally being affected by the actions of a man who chose to operate a large piece of construction equipment on the road while allegedly under the influence. Several cars were damaged and three people were injured as the crane driver hit car after car, seemingly unaware of what he was doing. New York police were eventually able to get the drunk driver to stop and took him into custody.

According to a recent news report, the 47-year-old crane driver was operating the 30-ton mobile construction crane eastbound on the LIE when it ran over a sedan, struck another car and then hit two SUVs. The drivers of three of the impacted cars suffered injuries and were transported to a medical facility for treatment. Their current conditions are unknown, though they are expected to survive.

It took police some time to get the driver of the crane to stop. One of the officers actually had to jump onto the crane and pull his service weapon on the man before he turned on the vehicle. As soon as authorities were able to remove the man from the cab of the crane, the administered field sobriety tests which he reportedly failed. They arrested him for DUI and various other violations.

The victims of this allegedly drunk driver are likely suffering not only physically, but emotionally and financially as well. To go through and be injured in such an event would be trying for anyone. These individuals may, according to the laws of New York, seek compensation for any losses they have suffered as a result of this incident. Civil claims may be filed against the driver and possibly his employer. Through litigation or settlement, monetary damages may be achieved.

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