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Elderly couple in car accident at car wash

An elderly New York couple was outside their vehicle at a car wash when they were struck by an SUV. The car accident claimed the life of one of the victims and left the other with critical injuries. Police are still in the process of investigating this tragedy.

According to a recent news report, an 85-year-old woman and her 90-year-old husband were in their sedan at a car wash when it was struck by an SUV that was unattended and coming out of the wash. The couple got out of their vehicle in order to inspect the damage. While doing so, an employee entered the SUV, accelerated and hit them. He proceeded to do this three times before putting the SUV in park.

The female victim died at the scene. Her husband was transported to an area hospital. His current condition is unknown. Witnesses to the event, including the owner of the SUV who was waiting for his car to run through the was, do not believe the employee’s actions were intentional. Police have not made any arrests in this case, and it is unclear if any charges will be filed.

There are a lot more questions than there are answers at this point with this car accident. If negligence is believed to have caused this tragic event, and it certainly appears so, the surviving victim and his loved ones may be entitled to pursue compensation for their losses. Personal injury and wrongful death claims may be filed in a New York civil court against the business and employee thought responsible. If litigation proves successful, maximum relief may be awarded.

Source: abc7ny.com, “Wife dead, husband critically injured after being struck by SUV in Brooklyn“, May 1, 2018

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