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Hit by someone driving under the influence of drugs?

When you think about impaired driving, you think about people driving after drinking alcohol. Unfortunately, driving under the influence of drugs is also a big issue in New York. If you were struck by a person who was operating a vehicle while high on illegal or prescription drugs, you may have legal recourse.

People who operate vehicles while under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs experience impaired judgment and decreased motor skills. In other words, they have no business being behind the wheel of an automobile. However, many people choose to drive while high anyway. Why? Because they believe they are fine.

Following a car crash, it is common practice for investigators to check drivers for impairment. Standard DUI test looking for alcohol impairment are generally administered. If drug use is suspected, blood tests are needed to confirm impairment. If a person refuses sobriety testing, all hope is not lost. Authorities may obtain court approval to force testing, or police may issue a citation for a driving while showing visible signs of impairment.

If you or a loved one have suffered injuries in a collision with a person who was driving under the influence of drugs, according to the state of New York you may seek compensation for your losses by filing legal actions in a civil claims court. Driving while intoxicated is a form of negligence and if you can prove the driver was high or showed signs of being high on illegal or prescription drugs, the court may rule in your favor. A monetary judgment for all recoverable damages may be awarded to you. To learn more about this topic, please visit our firm’s website.

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