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In a car accident near a malfunctioning traffic light?

Traffic lights are there to keep people safe and traffic flowing. New York City has a responsibility to ensure that these lights are functioning properly. Unfortunately, there are times when they do not. When a car accident happens in an area where a traffic light is malfunctioning, who is responsible for the victim’s losses?

In cases like this, questions need to be answered before determining who may be held responsible for a victim’s losses. What was wrong with the traffic light? How long had there been an issue? Who had the right of way?

While the city does have a responsibility to maintain traffic lights and fix problems in a timely manner, drivers also have a responsibility for taking care when operating their vehicles in areas where traffic lights are out of order. When it comes to liability, the city could bear some, as could the driver who caused the crash. If a malfunctioning traffic light contributed to your accident, legal counsel can help you determine if you can pursue compensation through legal means and from whom. To learn more about this topic, please visit our firm’s website.

The potential financial, physical and emotional damages associated with a car accident can be quite substantial. It is completely normal to want to seek some relief and to hold the responsible party or parties accountable for your losses. The state of New York makes it possible for you to do so. A successfully navigated personal injury claim can grant you the relief you desire.

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