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Most accident-prone roads in New York

There are numerous factors that impact a driver’s likelihood of being in an accident. Weather conditions and construction all play a role, but another factor could be the exact road you choose to travel down.

Depending on your commute, you may feel perfectly comfortable traveling down the following roads. However, you should never allow perceived skill to cloud your judgment. You never know who else is on the road. There could be tourists who do not understand how tricky a certain intersection is. The following streets, according to data collected in 2016, are some of the most dangerous in the state for auto accidents.

Tillary Street and Flatbush Avenue

This intersection located in Brookyln sees almost 180 collisions annually. This intersection is near both the NYU Tandon School of Engineering and New York City College of Technology. It is also near the Brooklyn Queen Expressway, so many people get off the freeway near this intersection. There is always heavy traffic, which contributes to the high accident rate.

2nd Avenue and East 59th Street

Nearly 150 car accidents occur every year around this intersection. This area can get a bit crazy due to its close proximity to the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge. Many people try to get onto or leave State Route 25.

42nd Street and 8th Avenue

This Manhattan intersection typically sees around 140 accidents a year. The streets exist between Midtown and Hell’s Kitchen, and it is close to numerous tourist attractions, which means many people unfamiliar with New York City traffic can cause problems. The intersection is near Times Square and Radio City Music Hall.

Atlantic Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue

Highland Park is only a short drive away from this intersection in Brooklyn. Generally, around 130 collisions occur every year. This intersection exists around several Metro stations, so there is a lot of foot traffic in this area. Motorists need to be aware of pedestrians when driving through.

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