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Multi-car accident at airport injures 6

Several people were hurt when a taxi crashed at LaGuardia’s Terminal B arrivals. This multi-car accident occurred Monday, Sept. 17. New York Port Authority was called in to investigate the matter.

According to a local news report, at approximately 12:45 p.m., the yellow cab struck two vehicles. The force of the impact caused those vehicles to collide with two other vehicles. In total, five cars were involved in this incident. Six people are said to have suffered injuries in the wreck. The extent of the victims’ injuries was not reported.

The cause of this crash is still under investigation. At this time, authorities have yet to give any information as to why this collision occurred. They have also not reported if the driver or drivers responsible are facing any criminal charges. Terminal B had to be shut down for some time during the investigation and for cleanup.

When a multi-car accident occurs, it can take time for investigators to unravel the cause of the crash and determine who was at fault — sometimes more than one person may be to blame. As more information about this event comes to light, victims will have more to go one when deciding to pursue compensation. With the assistance of legal counsel, the victims of this particular event may file claims against all those parties deemed responsible for their losses. Personal injury claims that are successfully negotiated or litigated in a New York civil court could result in the awarding of full and fair compensation.

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