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New York pedestrian accident: 2 hurt in school bus accidents

During the week, big yellow school buses are a common sight in the mornings and afternoons as bus drivers work to transport children to and from school. Unfortunately, for two individuals in New York, the sight of these buses was not a pleasant one. A child and a woman were both struck by school buses in late January. Each victim may be entitled to file a pedestrian accident claim in court in order to seek restitution for their losses.

According to a news report, at approximately 6:50 a.m. on Jan. 23, an 11-year-old by was clipped by a school bus at the corner of Liberty Avenue and Sutphin Boulevard in Queens. The driver left the scene but stopped a short time later. The boy was transported to the hospital with a head injury as well as some bruising.

Just before this incident, police had responded to another collision between a school bus and a pedestrian. A 56-year-old female was crossing the street at Lenox Avenue and W. 124th St. in Harlem when the bus hit her then ran over her. She was taken to a medical center for treatment. Her injuries are believed to be quite serious, though, she is expected to survive.

At least one of the bus drivers has been criminally charged. There has been no word regarding actions taken against the other driver. Police are likely still working on this case.

When a pedestrian accident occurs, injuries suffered by the victim can be quite severe. This can create significant physical, financial and emotional hardships for them and their loved ones. Thankfully, according to the state of New York, victims of such accidents may have legal recourse. In regard to both of the incidents mentioned above, the victims may pursue damages by filing claims against the drivers believed responsible for their injuries and their employers. Those whose claims that are successfully managed may achieve compensation for any and all recoverable losses.

Source: New York Daily News, “Two pedestrians struck by school buses in separate incidents in Queens, Harlem“, Molly Crane-Newman, Ben Chapman, Terrence Cullen and Thomas Tracy, Jan. 24, 2018

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