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NY construction workers consider risks and rights in the industry

On a daily basis, construction workers risk serious personal injury due to the numerous hazards present at construction sites, from heavy equipment malfunctions to potential falls, slips or accidents while performing job duties.

Suffering an injury on the job can cause significant losses in terms of wages and time away from work. However, in spite of the cost to individual workers and to the industry as a whole, many employers do not do what is necessary to improve conditions on the job sites.

Progress may be a long time coming

It is no secret that New York City construction workers face particular hazards, as they often perform duties on scaffolding or other surfaces high above the ground. Construction workers in the city have long fought for improved safety conditions. Sometimes these demands get pushback from powerful real estate interests. However, construction site injuries and fatalities in New York City have risen in recent years. Although the mayor has promised to make improved construction site security one of his administration’s top priorities, progress continues to be stymied by delays in the legislative process.

Litigation may be the best path to compensation

Without enforcement of reasonable safety standards, such as requiring adequate training for workers, the risk of suffering a construction-related injury remains high in New York City. In fact, these workers are more at risk of an on-the-job injury than employees in any other industry in the country. Regardless of the type of injury a worker suffers, filing a construction site accident claim may be a way to receive financial compensation.

One of the first steps that can be helpful is to contact a personal injury attorney. These lawyers have experience dealing with the specifics of construction site injury cases and as such they know how to advise regarding strategy. A qualified attorney can explain a worker’s rights and responsibilities under New York state law, as well as assisting in crafting a case for seeking compensation for injuries.

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