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Rental car employee charged for fatal car accident

An employee of Prestige Rentals is facing criminal charges for his role in a limo crash that claimed the lives of 20 people. This fatal car accident has been the subject of new reports since the day it occurred as it is considered the most deadly collision in the United States since 2009. Police in New York are still in the process of investigating this incident, but the evidence so far — in the very least — points to negligent actions on part of the rental company and the limo driver.

According to numerous reports, a group of young couples rented the limo as transportation for a birthday party. The limo driver is said to have run though a stop sign, hit a parked vehicle and struck two pedestrians. All individuals in the limo, including the driver, died, as did the pedestrians.

Police claim that the limo driver did not have the proper license to be driving his vehicle. They also claim that the limo failed to pass safety inspection just a month before the collision occurred. If this information is true, the surviving victims and the loved one of the deceased individuals clearly have grounds to pursue compensation for their losses.

Right now, emotions are raw and those negatively affected by this fatal car accident are in pain. Legal action may be the last thing on their minds at the moment and this is okay. When ready to seek compensation for their losses, an experienced attorney will be ready to help them file the appropriate claims and negotiate or litigate their cases in a New York civil court in an effort to achieve maximum relief.

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