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Should I take a truck accident settlement?

Auto collisions involving semitrailers and other larger vehicles happen all too often in New York. When they do, it is common for trucking companies and/or their insurance providers to offer victims settlement agreements with some level of compensation. Should a truck accident victim take a settlement agreement?

Whether one takes a settlement offer is a very personal decision. Before accepting anything, one would be wise to seek legal counsel on the matter. The truth is, these settlement offers may sound great at first, but one needs to look at the finer details to ensure they are actually getting a good deal.

Settlement agreements benefit trucking companies and insurance providers. They keep terms private and prevent victims from seeking further compensation later. Initial settlement offers are often pretty low. They count on victims taking these offers though because they need the money and just want to move on. While it may scary to do so, it is okay to reject a settlement offer and try to negotiate a better one.

If negotiations fail to produce a settlement agreement that one feels is fair, the truck accident case can be moved to a New York civil court. Most accident cases do not require litigation, but sometimes it is for the best. Those who have been injured or lost a loved one in a trucking accident can seek counsel from an experienced attorney who will either be able to help negotiate a settlement agreement that is fair or take the steps necessary to seek relief through litigation.

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