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Slip and falls from inadequate lighting

There are many ways for people to trip and fall around a commercial property. Some of the most common reasons include walking on stairs, walking over a slippery surface and exiting a vehicle.

However, one reason that many individuals overlook is inadequate lighting. It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure every area of a building has sufficient lighting. Some buildings have inferior designs where no light fixtures could possibly fit into a certain area. In other cases, a lightbulb went out and the owner failed to address it. In either instance, it is important for the injured party to consider how lighting played a role in the slip and fall accident.

How does lighting impact a slip and fall case?

There are two primary ways lighting affects a slip and fall. First, it can make an otherwise safe area hazardous. A person may not realize there is a single step to take, and due to bad lighting, trips over the step. The other, more dangerous way bad lighting impacts these cases occurs when poor light conditions conceal a condition that would be hazardous on its own. For example, bad lighting in one area of a grocery store may make it difficult to see a spill in the middle of the walkway. Customers may have been able to see the spill under ideal conditions, but the lights hampered vision.

What should you do if you believe bad lighting caused your fall?

You should notify someone who works at the business of your fall. You will also need to see a doctor to learn the full extent of your injuries. From broken bones to torn ligaments, there are many ways to injure yourself from a fall that will require compensation. While you are at the scene, you should take pictures of anything that could have contributed to the tumble, which includes bad lighting. If a light flickers or is oddly dim, then you want to capture it in a photo because the property owner may try to remedy the situation after you have left.

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