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Tesla owners need to fully understand how Autopilot works

Well into the 21st century, we have no flying cars as many people predicted, but we do have some amazing technology nonetheless. One of the most groundbreaking features in motor vehicles is the Autopilot feature introduced in Tesla cars. If you are one of the fortunate New Yorkers who own a Tesla, you may appreciate the convenience and added safety that this feature offers.

However, as you might know, it is crucial to understand the Autopilot feature’s limitations. Those who believe they can set their Tesla on Autopilot and relax while reading their email or browsing Facebook are making a dangerous assumption. There have been numerous accidents involving Tesla vehicles after their owners misjudged the feature’s capabilities.

You must still be aware at all times with Autopilot

The Autopilot feature may reduce accidents by up to 50 percent, asserts the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk. However, you must understand that Autopilot will sense if you take your hands off the wheel. If you remove your hands from the wheel, you will get a warning signal before Autopilot disengages.

You may have heard of the recent accident involving a Tesla Model S owner in California who got in a crash with a fire engine while using Autopilot, as reported by CNBC. There was no information if the driver was relying on his vehicle to do most of the work for him, but fortunately, nobody suffered any injuries.

Using the feature properly is essential for preventing accidents

Tesla’s Autopilot driver assistance feature works by using sensors in numerous places on the vehicle, as well as forward radar, a forward-facing camera and an assisted braking system. When properly used, the system can help you brake, park or change lanes more safely, and in some cases, you can remotely program the car to pick you up from your garage or nearby parking space. While the vehicles’ capabilities are impressive, they are not infallible. For example, debris or nearby objects obscuring the sensors may impact Autopilot’s reliability.

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