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Top 3 causes of train accidents

Fortunately, train accidents are not too common. In fact, you are much more likely to die traveling in a car than by railroad. However, railroad tragedies do occur and they can cause serious injuries to the passengers on board.

Common types of train accidents include the following:

  • Derailing

  • Colliding with other trains or vehicles

  • Crashing into vehicles, pedestrians or objects at a train crossing

But why do train misfortunes occur? Here are the most prevalent causes of train accidents.

1. Track failure

Nearly half of all train accidents occur because of track malfunctions. Railroads that are defective or in disrepair can cause trains to derail. Beware of the poor condition of rails and tracks across the United States.

2. Human mistakes

Nearly one-third of train accidents happen because of errors made by the engineers. The following are common mistakes:

  • Speeding excessively

  • Failing to brake in time

  • Distractions

Sometimes, all three of these factors play a role in train wrecks. For example, a distracted engineer is more likely to go too fast around a corner or neglect to slow down in a timely manner.

3. Equipment failure

About 13 percent of all train accidents are because of mechanical failure. Trains must undergo regular maintenance to avoid failures. If a train is not in proper working condition, it can result in catastrophic accidents.

Just like there are many reasons for train accidents, there are multiple possible individuals or entities that may be liable for accidents. If you sustain an injury because of a train accident, you may wonder if you will be able to sue anyone for lost income, medical bills or pain and suffering. Some potentially liable parties include the company that owns the train, employees, manufacturers, suppliers or the company responsible for building and maintaining the train tracks. The first step is to determine the cause of the accident then you can figure out who to bring a personal injury claim against.

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