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What damages may be recoverable following a car accident?

Those who have suffered injuries or lost loved ones in motor vehicle accidents may, understandably, want to know what compensation may be available to them — if anything. The truth is, legal action is not appropriate in all car accident cases. However, for those where it may be appropriate, a number of damages may be recoverable according to the laws of New York.

Let’s talk about economic damages first. The monetary losses tied to a serious or fatal car accident can be quite extreme. There are medical costs, property damages, lost wages and benefits, lost earning capacity and funeral costs — among various others. It can all add up and add up fast, leaving victims or their surviving family members struggling to meet their financial obligations. If one pursues a personal injury or wrongful death claim and all the required elements exist to establish negligence in one’s case, compensation for all documented economic losses may be achieved.

Now, let’s talk about noneconomic damages. Not all losses are monetary in nature. There is pain and suffering, there is mental anguish, there may be loss of companionship or the loss of enjoyment. The pain and psychological damages associated with severe or fatal auto accidents can have long-lasting effects. If these damages are appropriately documented, it may be possible to achieve compensation for them.

Anyone who has suffered injuries or lost loved ones in auto accidents in New York has every right to question if they have the right to seek compensation for their losses through legal means. If negligence contributed to the event, the answer is generally yes. An experienced car accident attorney can review the finer details of one’s case and help one pursue relief through negotiation or litigation if doing so is deemed appropriate.

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