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PTSD: A common car accident injury

When post-traumatic stress disorder is discussed, it is usually in reference to veterans. One does not have to have seen battle to suffer from PTSD, however. In fact, it is a common car accident injury. In New York and elsewhere, auto accidents are believed to be the leading cause of PTSD.

Every year, roughly six million vehicle collisions occur in the United States. It is believed that about 2.5 million injuries result from these events. A study funded by the National Institute of Mental Health found that just shy of 40% of auto accident victims end up developing PTSD.

Those who are more likely to develop PTSD have a history of trauma or prior psychological problems. They may have a family history of mental illness. They tend to lack much needed social support, and they typically experience higher than normal levels of emotion.

What does PTSD look like? People with PTSD tend to be bombarded with negative thoughts. They may experience changes in how they react to things. They may exhibit avoidance behaviors. They may experience intrusive memories, or have vivid and terrifying dreams.

Recovering from PTSD is possible with the right help. The problem is, many people do not get the help that they need. PTSD often goes undiagnosed until a person experiences severe symptoms that make it a struggle to perform everyday tasks.

The laws of New York allow an individual who has suffered this type of car accident injury to seek compensation for any resulting losses. To do this, though, it will be necessary to get diagnosed by a medical professional and keep track of any financial losses directly connected to the PTSD diagnosis. After a careful case review, an experienced attorney can assist one in seeking maximum relief through legal means if pursuing civil claims is deemed appropriate in one’s case.

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