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Common causes of construction accident injuries

Construction employees work in environments full of hazards and changing conditions that put them at elevated risk of accidents. It is a dangerous career that leaves many New York construction accident victims with serious injuries that cause them to become permanently disabled. Some injured workers lose their lives. Due to the severity of trauma that can occur, construction workers should be wary of their work environments and take proper precautions to avoid accidents and minimize the seriousness of any sustained injuries.

Workers should take note of the following types of conditions that plague construction sites and take corrective action to protect themselves.


Falls occur in all industries, but in the construction field, they happen more frequently and often lead to tragic consequences. Path obstructions, slips and falls, and falls from different levels are the common causes of fall injuries. Careful and continuous observation of surroundings and avoidance of hazards are necessary to minimize the impact of any falls and injuries that happen.


Exposed wires, equipment defects and improper handling put workers at risk of electrical shock and electrocutions. Proper worker education, identification of hazards, better working conditions and the use of PPE (personal protective equipment) are necessary to limit contact with live wires and other electrocution hazards.

Lacerations and amputations

Defective equipment and employee mistakes are the most common cause of serious cuts and amputations and blood loss. Construction workers who survive their injuries face long recoveries and permanent disability. Additionally, they cannot support themselves and their families.

Knowing the dangers that plague the construction industry is one of several steps workers can take to avoid injury and stay alive. Their employers must adhere to all safety regulations and take reasonable actions to provide safe working conditions for employees. This includes reporting all safety violations and accidents in a timely manner and providing ongoing training for workers.

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