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Construction accidents show no sign of decreasing

Working on a construction site takes a particular type of specialized skill set that not everybody has. You have to understand how to put things together correctly, or an entire project can come crashing down.

Construction workers have fallen victim to more and more injuries on the job. In fact, even with new and improved safety measures, accidents continue to rise, especially in New York. What makes a construction site such a hazard for even the most experienced worker?

Common hazards on construction sites

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration compiles data every year on work-related deaths and injuries. In 2017, it named the top four types of construction injuries, known as the “Fatal Four.” These types of injuries cannot only seriously injure or maim a worker, but they also cause death:

  • Falls

  • Hit by object

  • Electrocution

  • Caught between objects

Falls have the highest incident of death and account for almost 40 percent of all construction-related deaths in 2017. Falls occur for various reasons, but one of the most preventable causes is a failure on the part of the worker to utilize a tether when working above ground level.

New York City construction incidents continue to rise

In the first half of 2018, the rate of construction site accidents in New York jumped about 18 percent over the year before, reports Construction Dive. One of the reasons for the increase is due to the high number of active construction sites in New York City. It is experiencing a construction boom like it has not in many years.

Concern is growing over the high rate of construction worker accidents. The city recently adopted a change in new construction safety standards requiring each worker attend a minimum of 40 hours of OSHA safety training before returning to work. Unions and small construction businesses have fought this measure, saying it will cost too much for them to implement. The requirement is under review.

Going to work should not turn into a life-long disability. If you work on a construction site, follow proper safety protocol and always pay attention to what is going on around you.

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