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Crash in Brooklyn involving pedestrians leaves several injured

On Saturday, Sept. 7, police in New York were called to the scene of a car accident involving one of their own, a minivan and several pedestrians. The crash occurred after sundown at the 52nd St. and 13th Ave. intersection in Brooklyn. Those injured in this event may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses.

According to reports, police were responding to a call and ran through a red light at the above-mentioned intersection. Despite having its lights flashing, a teenage driver in a minivan failed to stop for the police vehicle and ended up striking its side. The force of the impact sent the police SUV flying onto the sidewalk and into a group of pedestrians.

One pedestrian was pinned between the SUV and a storefront. She is said to have suffered only minor physical injuries. The two officers in the police car were hurt and transported to an area hospital for treatment. Finally, the teenage driver and her teenage passenger also suffered injuries and were taken to the same hospital for care. All victims are expected to recover.

Even though the injuries suffered by all involved in this crash were said to be minor in nature, the severity of certain injuries is not always immediately apparent. Any psychological trauma experienced also needs to be taken into consideration here. The physical and emotional aspects combined could cause the victims to suffer in various ways moving forward. Thankfully, they may seek relief for any resulting losses this event has caused them. Legal counsel can assist each victim with filing any applicable claims in a New York civil court against all those deemed liable for this event.

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